Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Individual customer enquiries

Please call us on 22 276 26 00 and we will complete all the formalities during the conversation. There is no need to meet with an insurance agent or provide medical examination results.

Please contact our Customer Service on 22 276 26 00.

After receiving the claim, Colonnade Insurance S.A. Branch in Poland (Insurance Company) begins the process of its verification. In case of a complete application, the Insurance Company provides a decision immediately, not later than within 30 days from the receipt of the claim. In case it is not possible to provide a decision within the above deadline, the Insurance Company shall immediately inform the insured person about the obligation to complete a claim or provide explanations necessary to verify a claim. In this case, the Insurance Company shall issue a decision within 14 days from receiving the last missing document/information.

All enquiries regarding insurance quotes for children, teenagers and employees in Educational Facilitiesand should be addressed to

Questions from corporate clients

Questions about the corporate offer will be answered by our business development managers operating in major Polish cities:

Iwona Białogłowska - Regional Sales Manager, Southern Poland

Ewelina Franczuk - Regional Sales Manager, Western Poland

Arkadiusz Obiegły - Regional Sales Manager, Northern Poland

Paweł Polniak - Regional Sales Manager, Silesia

Marek Gurbała - Corporate Sales Director, Central Poland

Jan Drożdż - Regional Sales Manager, Central Poland


Katarzyna Michalczyk - Travel Insurance Sales Development Manager

Jacek Sidorowicz - Travel Insurance Sales Development Manager

Wojtek Jackowski - Travel Insurance Sales Development Manager.

The Polish branch of Colonnade has its headquarters in Warsaw. In Poland we have our representatives - Business Development Managers, who are responsible for contact with clients and partners.

Since 2017 Colonnade Insurance S.A. has been assigned a financial strength rating by AM Best of A- (Excellent) with a stable perspective.

Our offer to companies includes traditional insurance: property, casualty, professional liability, Directors&Officers and personal group insurance, as well as niche insurance: insurance of cyber risks or environmental damage.

Colonnade Insurance S.A. is registered in Luxembourg and operates through branches in 6 countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and, through a subsidiary, Ukraine.